More thoughts about birth

As I lay here next to Cooper, snuggling, entangled during his nap, I wonder is this the last day? Every photo I take of my belly, each morning that greets me, I think, it's gotta be soon, right? Today is the day, right? I know, I know. Who knows. Who freakin' knows. I honestly don't think the babe even knows. I think he or she just all of a sudden says "yup, let's do this" and then all those good hormones set things in motion. Yet still, way too many times throughout the day I wonder if today is the day. I get lost in visions of what labor will be like if it starts during the day or starts at night, as it did with Cooper. I try to will the babe into committing to a day birth, because again, I have soooooo much control over what's going to happen. Haha.

I think about how I want to feel and experience my water breaking this time. I am excited to have another birth story with my second little love. Another journey to add to our family history.

I go over my mental list of things that are packed for the birthing center, things to be ready Cooper, what needs to be ready for babe after we are home. And I wait. I try not to have my days stalled with these thoughts but sometimes it happens. Then my sweet boy sings "Hey Jude" into a Lego microphone he built and I am brought right back to the present. Enjoying these last moments of him as my one and only. My heart feels as though it will burst out of my chest as I smile at him and pull him close to smother him with kisses. He lets me kiss him but then tells me he wants to wear a shirt like Paul or would like a mustache sticker so he can be Ringo. Then I am off to appease my little Beatles fanatic, no longer consumed with thoughts of impending labor.

I remember this game

Oh, the waiting game. The "will this baby ever come out?!" game. This time the game has started a lot sooner for me. With Cooper, I'd say I felt done when I was 41 weeks pregnant. He was born at 41 + 4 days. And it was a different kind of "done." Like most first time mothers, I was eager to get the show on the road. I was ready to hold my baby and embark on my new journey of motherhood. I was excited to use the cute cloth diapers I had washed and prepared for him or her and couldn't wait to see my baby in the adorable hand tie-dyed and purchased outfits waiting to be worn. The second time around I am "done" in a different way. And I would say 38 weeks was my "done" point this time. Tomorrow I'll be 39 weeks. Being this pregnant with a 2 year old is hard. It is. When I was this pregnant last time I could nap if I felt like it or lazily watch TV. I could go sit in a cute cafe and enjoy an iced tea and a delicious, indulgent treat. This time, not so much. That memory of leisurely drinking an iced tea is so fuzzy and is replaced by the "quick get it down, can I get that iced tea to-go?" while Cooper takes four bites of the scone I got to distract him and then wants to "ruuuuuuun, mama" reality that I have now. I get to take a nap now when Cooper decides he wants to nap or if someone can watch him while I try to power nap. This week naps were rough. Coop and I struggled and each of us ended up so unhappy with the whole process that we only napped twice. I tried to dazzle him with a movie or some TV but Cooper doesn't care much for it. Which ordinarily I think is rad but this week, through my red, watery, exhausted eyes, I thought was pure hell.

This time I am done being pregnant because I am excited to meet this new member of our family but also, a large ALSO, is because I want some mobility and normalcy back. It isn't super fun to stampede like an elephant after Cooper who doesn't wanna walk the direction I'd like to go. And it isn't easy to squat down to his level and explain why we are going the other way after I have just chased him down like a muppet. I'm sure I'm just the vision of a pregnant goddess while I'm doing this. Nailed it.

I'm ready to labor again and feel peace in the plan for Cooper during that time. I am excited for Cooper to meet his sibling. I can't wait to see the look on his face when the baby he's been talking to and ticking his/her feet while in my belly is out and here. I am ready to be able to hug and hold Cooper again without this backward turtle shell bumping him outta the way. I'm done and ready whenever you are baby.

38 weeks

That's right, folks. 38 weeks pregnant with babe número dos. How am I feeling? Heavy. Low. Slooooow. This babe is preppin'. Getting snug and low in there and making me feel like a whale. It's all good stuff: the dropping, the lightening, the Braxton hicks and cramping-- all good signs that baby is doing what he or she needs to be doing but I am starting to get over it. My body is starting to ache and tell me that it does not like being this weight. It takes me a moment to get off the floor from reading or playing with Cooper and it takes me a second to get going once I'm up. I'm ready to regain a little bit of mobility in my body. I'm also pumped for the day that I won't feel the nagging need to do cat/cows and be on all fours every evening. I'll be happy to sit on the couch, nursing the babe.

All in all, things are great. I feel well and am healthy. Just getting to the home stretch.... Maybe. Cooper was 11 days over his EDD so we'll see what this one decides to do.

Oh and also, this mama would like a pedicure. I think I'll have to indulge in that luxury this week.

To you, little babe, and your hiccups

Hiccup. Hiccup. The last week or so you have gotten the hiccups almost every night. Hiccup. Hiccup. They have been a sweet reminder of your coming arrival. Hiccup. Your older brother had hiccups allllllllll the time. From the moment your papa could feel his movements, Cooper would make my drum of a belly dance with tiny bounces. You have only begun to make my belly shake with them-- this is one of the first reminders of your and your brother's differences. Hiccup. You, unlike your brother, seem to stop moving when someone puts their hand on my stomach to feel you kick and roll. Your coy games end when they remove their hand and I can see and feel you move again. "Quick, now," I whisper, gently placing papa or Grammy or Auntie Kiah's hand on you, hoping you won't know the difference and again, you pause, waiting until their hand leaves, only wanting to share your moves with me. Although, you have let your brother feel them, too. He thinks it's pretty funny and calls you his baby and then looks to his own stomach. So for now, you only let me and your brother feel you.

Soon, we will actually be able to hold you. Feel all of you in our arms-not just your kicks or hiccups. I cannot believe that this is true. Your pregnancy seems to have gone by at lightening speed. And here we are, edging our way to the finish line. There are still some emotions and things that I am working through from my first birth. Things that I am trying to let go of so I can fully accept your story and help you on your journey. I am almost there. Thank you for your patience, little babe. I will be as ready as I can be when you are, I swear.

Oh, your hiccups have calmed so you must be sleeping now. I'll let you rest. Goodnight, littlest one of mine. Goodnight.

Big emotions mixed with the onset of change

Things have been a little out of whack around here the last week. I'm sorry to say that stress levels have been a little higher and patience hasn't been as forth coming. Today was my first day back in the regular swing of things. And today was the first day I really heard what you've been trying to tell us, dear son. You know that things are a'changing. This morning you asked to nurse as you climbed onto my lap. You haven't nursed for four months. I held you and stroked the hair away from your face, reminding you that there is no more mama milk but soon when the baby comes there will be new mama milk for the baby. You tried to pull up my shirt and told me that you are a baby now. You didn't protest when I again said there was no mama milk, you just let me hold you for a moment and then hopped off my lap to sing Get Back-- you favorite song turned recent obsession. I was stunned by your perceptiveness and your ability to communicate, while I watched you on your "roof" sing and flip your hair around like Paul and Ringo. I felt terrible for not hearing you sooner. This was the first time you had been so direct but things have been off with us so I'm sure I hadn't noticed your subtle communications before and today, as I made a conscious effort to get us back "on" was when I clearly understood what has been going on.

I know that littles are much more intelligent and in tune with things than adults often give them credit for and usually I remember that but lately, I hadn't. Cooper has seemed so independent, wanting to do most things himself ("my do it") from completely dressing himself, opening doors, putting toothpaste on his tooth brush..... etc. And wanting to do things himself has led to some big emotions and large frustrations. He does not want help and if I or papa help, even in the slightest way, he gets very upset and has to start all over again. So we have been trying to safely give him the freedom and responsibility he craves. Cooper puts his own toothpaste on his tooth brush but there are times that even doing it himself just straight up pisses him off.

"Want more toothpaste!"
"Love, you are putting it on yourself, if that's not enough put a little more on.
"No. More!"
(On lordy, I think I said "little" is that what is causing this green hulk rage over freakin' toothpaste?)

Cooper is upset and has a hard time coming back to earth. He tries to hit my leg, upset that he cannot articulate what he wants to. Toddlers are so visual. And clearly, Cooper had an idea of how toothpaste was supposed to look on his brush and the reality was not matching his mental image. And although he has many words, he can't say "mama, what I mean is _____. Please teach me how to make my toothpaste do ______." So instead hands relay frustration and communication. Oh yes, it has been a rough week. Lots and lots of big emotion immediately followed by "I want my mama." (He even said that to Grammy the other day, which has never happened!) Cooper has been dealing with some huge feelings. He and I, and he and papa, have been out of sync. No, I don't think every time Cooper would get agitated with his shirt not going on right, or whatever that he was trying to tell me he's confused and a little scared about the shift that's happening in our family. I'm not totally crazy, well, not toooooootally. But I do think that there has been much more going on with him than I have noticed. So thank you, my little love, for helping me see.

And thank you for my rooftop concert this morning...... And afternoon...... And evening.


Allow me to reintroduce myself

My name is...... Hov--- strike that, Amanda. My name is Amanda. I am a stay at home mom to my, a little over, two-year-old son, with another one on the way in early September. Oh lordy. There are going to be two. Papa and I will be tied. Two against two. I still love the summer and chewing ice, although more lately with being pregnant and all. Caramel is still the greatest and ice cream will forever be my weakness. It's in my blood. (Thanks, grandpa). I still think my husband is the funniest person on the planet. And my love for him grows everyday.... But let's see..... What has changed in the last, oh ten months?! Other than getting pregnant...... Ha! Life has been good. Fun. There were some hard spots mixed in but they were nothing compared to all the joy and blessings in my life. Watching Cooper ride his scooter or participate in his imaginary play, which is hands-down the most fun thing ever. Seriously. How much of a mom am I that I'd rather get lost in my child's pretend play than go to the movies? Yeaaaahhhhhh. It's fun. Come over. He'll show you. He makes a fantastic pretend blueberry smoothie!

Anyway, hi. I'm back. Now about that ice cream....

* these photos, other than showing Cooper's face smeared with popsicle and adorable, have nothing to do with anything. I just really like em. Thanks, E!



Last weekend we did it.  We went on a road trip.  It was an adventure of playing on the beach, rock climbing, exploring tide pools, lots of eating, lots of guitar playing and some card tricks.  It was perfect.

And big thanks to my cousin and her family for making the drive, too.  Cooper just couldn't get enough of his cool cousin.


"I wanna commit a crime//wanna be the cause of a fight"

When I was a teenager I used to sit on the hill of the driveway, at my house and watch// listen to the cars drive by on our street. I would daze out, listening to their hum. Their audio waves calming me, soothing me. Sitting there or lying back, my back warming against the pavement, was my thinking spot. This was my spot for two reasons: one, cars were a large part of my life and two, I had a pretty protective upbringing that didn't allow me to wander much, until I was eighteen.

I grew up handing my dad tools as he worked on our tractors and cars and anything else, really. I, actually, wanted to be a mechanic when I was little because that's what I thought my dad was. Little did I know that he just knew how to fix everything out of practice and necessity as a farmer. (Seriously, my dad can fix anything. "Leon-it" as my family says). And as soon as my brother could make a "vroom" sound we were racing hot wheels, making them crash into walls and fly off jumps. My brother jokes about his later need for speed because he "learned to drive" watching the Duke boys in the General Lee. Really though, he and I both learned to drive on the same day. I was fourteen, he was eleven and we were allowed to, ummm, let 'er rip in a field on my grandfather's farm, filled with gopher holes in an old truck, with the springiest
bench seat in history. Our heads, and our dad's, bounced into the truck's metal ceiling a lot that day until we learned to slow down.

In my pre-teen//teenage years I was obsessed with muscle cars and knew a thing or two about Cameros and Mustangs. I learned to drive a manual transmission on my uncle's big diesel Dodge truck. My dad said if I could drive that and not stall it, I could drive anything. While, I'm not sure that's true, his confidence was inspiring. (And I can rock these bay area hills without rolling back, like a champ). Once I got my first car, a stick, I would go out just to drive. I'd turn the radio off and just listen to the RPMs and shift. I'd zip way too fast around windy roads and more than once my brother and I bottomed out my mom's car, launching it off neighborhood hills. That thing had a ridiculous acceleration and sadly, they sold it before Jake got his license. They knew what fun he'd get into with that car. (Shit. I'm in so much trouble with Cooper, aren't I?).

Anyway, I had a point to all this car talk, I swear. I have the itch to drive. I'm not talking about the around-town driving I usually do, or even the hour trip to see the fam. I wanna driiiiiiive. I want to go on a car trip. I want to listen to music loud, wind blowing through my hair. Blame it on my folks taking us on California-to-Minnesota car trips every summer. I dunno. But I am dying for Dom, Coop and I to take a car trip somewhere.

Now, here's where logic and reality sets in and shatters my happy "drive where the road takes us, figure out where we are sleeping along the way" road trip: Cooper is almost 16-months-old and tops out at 1.5 hours (max) in the car. He isn't interested in being strapped in his carseat while mom and dad take turns driving, for what can only seem like, forever. He doesn't care about the journey of driving down to So. Cal to visit his cousins and the beaches. He just wants to get there cuz this guy has much better things to do then read a book about farm animals while his mom sings songs from the Rent soundtrack.

So I've got to figure out smaller, shorter trips we can do so Cooper doesn't completely freak out, therefore frazzling mama and papa, and so mama can feel like we get a little family road trip.


And, I am a much more reserved driver than I was at sixteen. Don't get all worried or think I'm driving crazy with my baby in the car. My Dukes days are done. I'm waaaaay too Berks for all that. Plus, when I got older and realized what the flag and General Lee were, I was over that shit fast.


a note to papa

Tonight when I came to bed, I couldn't help but laugh at you two. Dom, you were barely on the bed. I mean, barely. We're talking close to the time you rolled off cuz, ahem, someone was taking up too much room as per usual-- strike that-- cuz you prefer to sleep on a sliver of mattress. (That's better). And Cooper was laying on his stomach, butt in the air, arms stretched way out to the sides, across the entire bed with his feet on top of your chest. Yes. His feet resting on your chest while you were lying on your side looked just as awkward as it sounds.

I covered my mouth so my "this is so freakin' cute and so freakin' hilarious" laugh didn't wake either of you. Mama fail cuz Cooper and his super, duper "I hear mama" hearing, heard me and sleepily said, "mama." His "mamas" kill me though. Oh and his, eyes closed, sleepy "mamas," kill me the mostest.

Coop sat up in his sleep so I picked him up and laid him back down. I curled up next to him and kissed his face. And then reached over and kissed yours too.

Man, this co-sleeping thing is pretty rad. One minute papa and baby are sleeping like a lower case "t" and the next we're all lined up, heads up top, feet on the bottom, sleeping all proper. Mama and baby taking up 90% of the bed and papa blissfully snoozing, completely passed out on the other 10%. Like I said, proper. I mean, that's how it works in your house right? Co-sleeping or not, heck- kids or not, ladies take up more space, right? Strike that-- men prefer to sleep on tiny sections of mattresses, right?

Anyway, goodnight papa, hopefully you'll laugh when you read this and you'll forgive Cooper and me for taking up another 5% at some point last night. (Whoops).

Local wanderings// music in the park

In September, in Albany, Wednesday means Music in the Park. This year was our first year going. (Last year we were on The Cape with Dom's fam). --- and we had so much fun!!

On our way to the park we stopped at the market and got some dinner and we realized we forgot a bag. Living in Berks, this is a no-no so Dom carried Coop and I slung up our groceries. It was pretty funny and we were only walking to the car anyway. 

Music in the Park was awesome. We spread out our blanket amongst the others on the grass and ate our dinner. Cooper danced and spun around and we amazed by the band- they had two guitars! He also made sure everyone surrounding our blanket was properly greeted. He is such a cheeseball, that guy.



Check out Music in the Park in Memorial Park, Wednesdays in September from 6:30-8pm.

Does your kid have a jam? Mine does.

He has a few different a songs that he's really feeling right now but his ultimate JAM is Brenton Wood, Gimme Sign Girl. This guy stops in his tracks and starts bouncing and movin'. He gets so excited when he hears it! And when the track is over he signs "more, more" until we put it back on. (It's actually set on repeat in the car cuz even in his carseat this man has got to rock). It's really pretty cute. And every time you restart the song, he restarts his moves. True story. From the top.

The other songs his likes a lot are Jack Johnson, What You Thought You Need.  He really digs the guitar so Jack is up his alley. When he hears this song or Banana Pancakes he makes his sign for "guitar", which is strumming his chest. He usually grabs his guitar aka ukulele and plays along. Yeah, my kid jams with Jack, you know, nbd.

His other favorite right now is Prince, I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man. Yup. He is making his papa proud with this selection. We also sing Starfish and Coffee a lot but he prefers the dance-ability of Your Man. He bops his head and flaps his arms. Yeah, he's got killer moves.


some reflection for you on this thursday

I am a stay-at-home-mom. I have a degree in English (cue joke) and education and worked at a pretty rad retail spot for a few years but once Dom and I started talking kids, I knew I wanted to be home.

Originally, when I chose my degree, I thought teaching would pair well with my being a mom. I imagined school schedules matching up with little ones, off on weekends, summers, etc. Then when I moved up here and got more involved in a retail career, I loved it but didn't see it allowing me to be the parent I would want to be. You see, I always knew I wanted to be a mom. That was a certainty in my life. And everything else was going to have to work around my husband and kids or it just wasn't gonna work for me.

Fast forward to getting pregnant (not that part) and I knew that I wanted to be a sahm. It felt right to me. I respect the decision some moms make to go back to work after having babies but that just didn't feel right to me. I wanted to be the one caring for our baby, watching our baby. Dom felt the same way I did, so we agreed that he would be the one bringin' home the bacon and I'd be the one at home with our child(ren). We each have important jobs to do and each of us loves what we do. I adore being home with Cooper. Watching him discover the world is beautiful. He amazes me dozens of times each day. There are, however, challenging days when we aren't as in sync as normal. Those days can be rough. I should say those moments really because even on the toughest day there are many times that he makes me smile or I look at him and feel a warmth in my heart. He says a new sound or flashes me his toothy grin and throws his head back to laugh and I'm done for. Totally head-over-heels.

I truly enjoy being home with Coop. But like I said, there are off-moments. Yesterday was one of them. Cooper has come to the stage of full imitation. He wants to do everything you're doing and doesn't always want your help. I put the laundry in the wash machine and he puts more in it or takes it out so he can then push it back in. I water the garden and he wants to water the garden, and the grass, and the trees, and the air, and Koa, and me. We go for a walk down the block and he needs to stop every two steps to smell a flower, pick up a leaf, walk up a stair, point up at the sky. Normally, this doesn't bother me at all. I think it's important to let Cooper load the wash machine, water the garden, examine everything on our strolls, and so on. Imitation and discovery are how he is learning the world around him. I think it's important to let him explore and I follow for safety, of course, but also to be there when he tells me about a rock he has found or when he points and asks me a question about a sound he hears. (It is incredible how well babies//toddlers can communicate before they can fully articulate words).

Yesterday, for some reason though, I kept trying to hurry Cooper along. I kept distracting him from his adventures and lessons with my imaginary schedule when really we had nothing to do yesterday but what he was doing. No play dates planned. No errands that had to be run. Nothing. Naturally, he kept getting frustrated. He already wasn't feeling very well because of his pesky canines and molars and now, here I was, his usual partner-in-crime, rushing him. We continually butt heads and by the time papa came home, I needed a moment alone.

As Dom played with Cooper, I wondered why the day had been so challenging.... Why I had felt the need to speed through the day's activities.... I took a few slow breaths and reminded myself that there is no schedule. I am a very go-with-the-flow type of person and consider myself to be quite flexible and when I try to fight that and make a "schedule" things go downhill fast. Now, that doesn't mean I don't like routine or am incapable of making plans and of course, Cooper and my days fall into a natural sequence. But the reality is that right now, Cooper doesn't need to be on a "schedule", he is the first child (to be clear, no announcements being made here) and we can do whatever he wants. He can lead and I can follow. He doesn't have a soccer game that we have to be to or a guitar lesson. He has no deadlines. No papers. No homework. No meetings. No responsibilities.

Right now all Cooper needs to do is explore and play. So when I think, "why do you neeeeed to pick up another twig on this walk," I can remind myself because he, in fact, needs to. And when he starts to tell me about this twig, I will listen because he and I are right where we belong and I truly have the best job in the world. I am Cooper's mom.


the times they are a changin'

It was time for a refresh.  I mean, don't you think?  I do.  This photo has nothing to do with that but I like it.  Anyway, please bear with me while I make a few adjustments to Socks.  Oh and I left my camera at my in-laws' house and I'm not sure when we will make the trek up there.... so expect to see a bunch of iphone pics for a while at least. 

Love to you, all. 


a post about nothing really

On Friday Cooper and I ventured to one of my childhood parks with my dad. It was fun to have grandpa along for our adventure because that's not something that normally happens.

My dad told some sweet stories of when my brother and I were little like Cooper and it made me smile. Dad also brought along Cooper's baseball bat, just in case he'd want it. Cooper pretty much just kept passing the bat to grandpa-- but I thought that was cute game.

We chased around the structure, sat on steps and ran our fingers through weeping willow branches. Toward the end Cooper fell asleep in his Ergo which allowed my dad and I to have a good chat. It was nice. A really lovely day.



Allow me to be vulnerable for a moment..... these last couple weeks have been hard. I am sorry to lay that on you. I know you may have come here to check out what fun adventure Cooper and I got into recently, and I apologize if my honesty catches you off-guard, but... yeah. There are many lifestyle//parenting blogs out there that only document the beauty and positive moments in their lives and while I enjoy pursing them as much as the next lady, I can't only talk about the good parts of my life on mine. Most of the time you will see silly, happy pictures and fun explorations but sometimes, like right now, you may read about the meh.

In real life, you know, in-person, I am a pretty easy person to read. Crap. Anything I'm thinking is usually "on my face" so I am the worst liar. (Literally, the worst which is a good thing cuz I can't stand lying). Anyway, it's for this reason that I feel like I want to keep it real on my blog, just like if we were talking face-to-face.

So yeah, the couple of weeks have been a shit storm. Things seems to be going haywire all at once-isn't that always the way it goes- and I have been feeling pretty down. Thankfully my little man, can make me smile when he kisses me, he is quite into giving kissing right now, and I instantly feel a bit better when Dom walks in the door, too. Seriously thank goodness for my sweet, little family. Chasing Cooper around has made me feel better even though the poor guy has been going through it with molars. (Babywearing has been a lifesaver in that department. Big ups to Sakura Bloom and Ergo). And Dom and I have been so in-sync lately it's eery. I'm not down all of the time but the times that my mind wanders I seem to get lost. For a moment I feel alone. Then I remember that I am not. Not even a little bit. Do you guys ever feel like that?

Today has been a much, much better day. And things are definitely on the up.

Thanks for listening. I'm sorry if I bummed you out but I appreciate your allowing me to keep it extra real.

I am so grateful for this community that I am part of. I truly wish we could all see each other everyday. Playdates, hugs and laughs all around. It is sometimes odd to feel such a connection to friends that I've never actually met but it's also incredibly awesome to have such a web of support, spanning much, much further than Berkeley. Hands in, everyone. One-two-three-mamas ftw! Thanks, team.

local(ish) wanderings: Union Square

Cooper and I had an impromptu day in the city, well, an impromptu day in Union Square/downtown SF. I clarify because I consider Union Square to be one of the crappiest parts of the city. It's over-crowded, waaaaaay too busy for me and oozes with all kinds of gross smells-cigarettes included. I hate that smell. When I moved up back up here a few years ago and was working in the city, I was shocked by how many young people smoked. The streets of Union Square are lined with young folks taking drags and staring off into the middle distance or scanning their phones. I don't get it but whatever.

So, like i said, we ended up in downtown. We saw papa at work, took a photo, threw some dice with his co-workers (no, he doesn't work in a casino) and wandered off to one of the cities biggest tourist attractions. We paused in the grassy park of the Metreon so the Coopster could stretch his legs, feel tree bark (my little hippie) and chase pigeons. Alwaaaays entertaining. Man, I hope he never catches one of these things. He won't, right? Oh god.

Then it was back into the Ergo so we could head off to Zara. I had never been but one of the blogger's I follow is forever talking about some cute pants or something she got her little man there so I figured I needed to check it out. Well, meh. Their kids section was pretty small and was all decked out with fall gear and v-neck sweaters--- not Cooper's (let's be real, not mama's) jam. The rest of the country might be heading into autumn soon but September and October are the hottest months of the year in the bay. That's when we actually get our summer. I was disappointed that the SF Zara wasn't pushing tees and shorts. Womp. They did have a super rad vest, cuz I was totally hoping for a puffer vest in today's concrete jungle heat. Again womp. I guess Zara in New York must have better kids department.

Cooper and I found our way into some other stores and he ran around from time-to-time and sat on almost every stair he found. This guy and stairs right now. For reals. We watched the trolleys turn around on Powell and Coop gave high-fives to strangers on the way back to the car. Again, oh this guy.

It was a pretty good day. Cooper has been having a really rough go of teething-- molars and canines. Man, oh man. Plus, he and I are in the tail-end of a transitional phase. There are definitely some new tricks he is learning and that combined with drooling like a maniac, cutting teeth, has left both of us a bit cross-eyed and tired.

Speaking of cross-eyed and tired, I made corn chowder for dinner-- wtf?! And we are gonna eat now, yeah at 9:20 pm. Yikes.


f-u, yellow jackets

When we planted a garden, I expected some bees. They have a big job, after all. And when we put down the sod, I figured we'd have some gnats for awhile as we over-watered to help the grass roots establish. But...... where the bleep-idy-bleep-bleep-crap (yeah, whatever) did all of these yellow jackets come from?! We can't find a hive anywhere and they are all over the grass and garden. I'm afraid Cooper, or hell, I or Koa or Dom is gonna step on one. I've never been stung by a bee so I'm a little more afraid than the average bear I guess, although I can almost guarantee I'm not allergic so that worry is gone. I'm scared it's gonna hurt. Yeah, I'm a wimp. And I'm a child of the 80's so My Girl has made me terrified of bees. True, no one in our household is throwing rocks at a hive but can't these yellow jack jerks sting you over-and-over for all-of-time? As you can see, they freak me out.

We got a little trap but that doesn't seem to be doing much. It's caught about half of them but there are tons still swarming around the grass. Any ideas, friends? What can I do to get rid of these unwelcome party crashers?

And hey, speaking of My Girl.... have you guys been watching Veep? The quick, off-the-cuff digs slay me.